A 50 X 50 foot area supplies enough oxygen for a family of four for one year!

Thick turf crowds out weeds, reducing pollen in the air that causes allergies.

Grass is a plant that has many positive benefits:

  • LOOKS GOOD – increases property value by 15-20%
  • NATURAL AIR CONDITIONER – absorbs heat, cooler than hot pavement
  • DUST FILTER – traps dust, smoke, pollution from the air that we breathe
  • EROSION CONTROL – catches raindrops before they disturb the soil encouraging percolation as opposed to runoff
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – uses greenhouse gases – counteracting climate changes; generates oxygen (a necessity of human life)
  • NOISE REDUCER – can reduce sounds by 8-10 decibels
  • FILTERS WATER – cleans and filters water before it runs into the streams, rivers, wells and purifying systems.